PC Professional, Inc.

"We Make it Work!"

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The saying is “Find a Need and Fill It”.   PC Professional, Inc. was built and currently operates on this philosophy.  In 1986 PC Professional, Inc. was birthed to assist business owners in automating their companies and in using computer technology effectively.   

Providing Service and Support is what PC Professional, Inc. does best.   We often become the System Administrator for the Small to Medium size business, having served many of our customers for over 10 years.  

We have been providing solutions to computer problems for 20 years.  We not only sell hardware and software, but set-up and organize the computer systems so that any inexperienced user can sit down at the workstation and start working with minimal difficulty.   We solve the computer technology problems so that you can do what you do best: run your business and make a living.   

PC Professional has kept up with technology over the years in order to provide our customers with the best, most current, and most efficient computing experience available.  In the early days of Netware, we became Novell Authorized with a CNE among our Corporate Officers.  In 1989 we became SCO UNIX Authorized, and were then able to give our clients a choice in multi-user systems.  Over the years we have transitioned through a wide variety of networks and operating systems.  Today Microsoft Windows 2003 Terminal Server is a great success.  We believe it to be the best yet, and highly recommend it.

It quickly became obvious to us in our early days that small and medium size businesses need someone they can depend on to guide them in making wise decisions in hardware, software applications and  network operating systems.  PC Professional studied various business applications, and made selections of various programs in order to have a well rounded solution to its customers' needs.  Those applications cover a wide range to include the legal and medical fields plus a large focus on the accounting needs of any business.  PC Professional has been an Authorized Reseller of the award winning Mas90/Mas200 Software by Sage Software.  We have been authorized for DOS, Windows and all flavors of Unix, Unix client server and Windows client server.  We also have written our own accounting software which runs on Dos, Windows and Unix.

PC Professional continues to be there for the customer, whether it is for a two minute phone call to help a customer copy a file, resolve an internet problem, or restoring a crashed file-server.  After a network installation, our staff is most frequently the network administrator.  Response time for an emergency call is approximately 0 to 30 minutes, with emergencies given priority.  Additional inventory is kept in stock to ensure any hardware problems can be easily repaired with minimal down time.

PC Professional's plans for the future are:  (1) to continue ensuring the customer's happiness.  A happy customer is one whose network is running smoothly with minimal down time, (2) to provide security to our customers’ Networks, Web Servers, VPN’s,  Firewalls, and Workstations against outside attacks, (3) to continue having a well rounded solution to the customers’ needs, (4) to always have an answer for our customers’ problems, (5) to support all the multi-operating system environments, (6) to always have professional personnel on staff, and (7) to provide quality hardware at the lowest price point possible.          

Authorizations and areas of expertise are listed as follows:
Microsoft Reseller
Novell & Novell UNIX Master
   CNE (Certified Netware Engineer)
   SCO Unix
   Hewlett Packard 
Sage (Best) (Mas90 –Mas200 accounting software)  
Windows 2003 Server and Enterprise Server
Windows XP Professional
Microsoft Office Professional (many Microsoft Products)
Symantec Corporate Reseller
Symantec Veritas Backup Exec Reseller
WordPerfect Unix
Web Servers
Email Servers
SonicWall VPN
Cisco Switches
Special authorization for  numerous Unix products
Programming in FoxBASE, FoxPro, Access, SQL Server
Many other areas of Expertise and Authorization that are not listed.

Working daily with business professionals such as: doctors, lawyers, accountants, health care professionals, builders,   manufacturers, and  many other small to medium size companies.  PC Professional would be proud to include your company among our list of clients.